Modo eyeglasses

Modo eyeglasses catalog

It is true to say that Modo prescription glasses are one of the best options in the market because of the advantages they offer. Made from first quality materials like Titanium, giving the glasses a light weight that makes us forget we are wearing them.

They are ideal glasses for people who suffer from headaches due to the weight of glasses or for wearing them long periods of time. Also, titanium makes glasses not only light, but also flexible and resistant therefore they will have a great durability. Titanium is also hypoallergenic, so perfect for sensible skins.

Modo uses up to date designs, following today's fashion patterns. Within their range of prescription glasses there are many frames so there is choice for all needs and tastes. There are also different combinations of shapes, squared, semi rounded or cat eye, and colours, red, blue or black, these last being the best sellers and ideal to give your look that final touch.