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Anti-fog for prescription glasses and sunglasses

At OpticalH we have the entire range of anti-fog products for prescription glasses and sunglasses. We know how annoying it is to have foggy glasses and that it is a common situation. Especially in the age in which we live, the combination of glasses and mask is uncomfortable. Also in users who work in closed cold rooms, health personnel or simply in cold seasons in which we use scarves, etc ... In fact, everyone who wears glasses has suffered it on some occasion, and for that reason we want to explain how to prevent glasses from fogging up, with effective solutions.

Why does mist form on the lenses of my glasses?

 The formation of annoying mist occurs when hot and humid air comes into contact with a cold surface, such as the lens of glasses. This contact causes the hot air to drop in temperature and the humidity turns into water droplets, causing the glasses to fog up.

This phenomenon occurs in everyday situations such as when opening the dishwasher or oven, when uncovering a pot, when having a meal or a steaming drink, when going from a cold environment to a warmer one or practicing sports, when the breath air enters in contact with the lenses of the glasses, as it happens while wearing a mask.

It is a soft microfiber cloth that contains the anti-fog product already integrated and prevents the glasses from fogging up. It is the fastest and easiest option as a solution to fogging, since it does not require any type of additional liquid, it can be used up to 200 times without losing effectiveness and its durability reaches up to 10 hours.

The effectiveness it has is impressive, fully tested by our professionals. It should be applied on well-cleaned and dry glasses as if it were a normal chamois. The crystals are rubbed well and their effect lasts for several hours. After 6-8 hours, it still keeps its effect intact without having to reapply it to make it effective again. The suede gives off a very pleasant smell, which does not remain impregnated on the glasses. In addition, we must say that suede does not leave lint or any residue that hinders vision.

Anti-fog spray for glasses

It is an aerosol-type anti-fog format, which after pressing it applies a small dose of the liquid product on the surface where we want to eliminate the fogging. The 15 ml container is very light and compact, and can be stored or transported in the most comfortable way, since it takes up very little space and fits in practically any pocket or handbag. This anti-fog spray is a perfect solution to always have on hand and not expose the glasses to uncomfortable fogging.

The way of application is very simple: you just have to press the spray to apply a dose of the product on the lenses and spread it evenly.

Online Shopping Eyewear Anti-fog

On our website we have several options and in different formats of anti-fog products: Wipes, gel and spray.

We have all types of anti-fog in permanent stock and tested to guarantee its effectiveness in all situations.