Persol glasses

Persol glasses are handmade, taking care of every detail. Its designs are manufactured with materials as acetate, very well polished to obtain soft finishings.

Each model is made in different measures, so customers can find the perfect size for their faces. Furthermore, inside their line we can find models for both men and women.

All Persol designs have an arrow as distinctive sign since the latest 30s.This symbol, inspired in the old warriors, makes the brand recognisable.

After years of investigation the brand Persol achieved high quality glasses, made with the best materials and the best technology.

Persol glasses History

In Turín, 1917, Giuseppe Ratti, photographer and owner of Berry Opticians started to design technologically advanced glasses. These models satisfied the necessities of many pilots that were looking for comfort, protection and perfect vision.

After a lot of work the Protector glasses were out. This model had degraded lenses with rubber edges that can be adjusted thanks to an elastic band. This new model was distributed among the Italian Military Aviation and the Army.

In the 20s the yellow lens is created, being available in all their glasses. In the 60s the brand created the Labor model, allowing the protection of the workers when welding. In 1990 the line Persol Sport was launched, being the pilot Jean Alesi the face of the brand.

Many celebrities use Persol products, among them we can find Ryan Gosling, Jay Z or George Clooney. One of the most iconic actors of this brand is Steve McQueen and its Persol 649 in “The case of Thomas Crown”.

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