2x1 in prescription lenses offer

Buy your eyeglasses’ prescription lenses or your sunglasses’ prescription lenses and get this offer. When purchasing your lenses at Optical H you will get 2 lenses by the price of 1. This is to say that you will get a 50% discount when buying your prescription lenses while keeping all its warranties.

Save more than 40%
when purchasing prescription lenses

How to get this promo…

1. Choose your frame

Choose the frame that you want to buy among thousands of high quality models by the most important manufacturers of sunglasses and eyeglasses. Use our “frame shape”, “colour”, “style” and “material” filters to find your model. Consult this “purchases guide” in which we give you some advices on how to choose your frame.

This promotion is also applicable to sunglasses. Take into account that not all sunglasses frames are suitable for prescription lenses. We have chosen those sunglasses which can be used with prescription lenses for you.

2. Configure your lenses

  1. Add the chosen frame to your cart clicking on the “buy glasses” button. A new window will appear including a new button stating “Prescription lenses?”
  2. Our prescription lenses' virtual assistant will be automatically started.
  3. Choose monofocal lenses of progressive lenses (you will be provided with more information when pointing on each option).
  4. Introduce your prescription parameters. All this information appears on your lenses prescription. You can also check our glossary and our “"purchases and correct use of your new lenses” protocol. In any case, if you have any doubt, you can consult us at any time.
  5. Chose the material, filters and treatments of your lenses. We give you all the options to configure the lenses which best adapt to your necessities.
  6. The virtual assistant will offer you a price for your lenses and frame. (You can go back in this process and change your parameters).

Configure your lenses

All options: Chose the glasses which best adapt to your necessities.

3. Buy your lenses and save money

Once you have finished with our assistant it will show you the best lenses for your prescription and frame. You will have the chance to see clearly:

  • The frame you have chosen ant its price
  • The lenses chosen for that frame, their characteristics, their price and the discount applied.

Now you only have to press the “add to chart” button to buy your frame + lenses with a half price discount. Confirm your purchase and in a short time period we will prepare and ship your frame and lenses already integrated in it.

Example 2x1 in prescription lenses offer

Guaranteed quality and saving

Quality frames at a good price

We have selected the best sunglasses and eyeglasses to offer our customers a huge variety of options among which they could choose their frames but always offering best quality products.

We work with worldwide eyewear leaders from the best fashion brands to special brands focused on sports equipment or professional solutions. We also have options for any kind of budgets from luxury glasses to low cost glasses. Furthermore we offer discounts, sales, vouchers and promos during the whole year.

All the products sold at Optical H are original and count on quality and authenticity certificates. 

Lenses with all warranties

We work with the main lenses manufacturers what means that you will buy certified quality lenses.


Our assistant will chose the lenses which offer the best price-quality balance, but, if you want to order specific lenses by a specific brand you will only need to contact us and we will offer you a budget. Please contact us If you also need specific lenses treatments as CSR, Optifog, Prevencia, eNERGY, Xperio, Transtions, Varilux S series (S Design and 4s) or Varilux E.

Professional team and high technology

Your prescription parameters will be checked by professional opticians who will verify that the chosen frame is a good one for your prescription and will give you all the details about your lenses. 

Our professional team will use high technology equipment to carve your lenses. Our equipment will scan your frame shape digitally and it will carve your lenses giving them the perfect shape. 

Our specialized technicians will be in charge to finish your lenses and incorporate them in your new frame.

All this process not only fulfils the highest quality standards but it is also fast because it is carried in our workshop and in our optical laboratory.

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