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Choose your kind of glasses

Choose your lens type

Choose the kind of lens for your glasses
Monofocal lenses: Generally, monofocal lenses correct distance vision, but we can have them made to correct a particular visual distance you desire.
Multifocal lenses: These types of lenses allow you to focus on multiple distances. (Usually for people over 40 or with accommodative disorders)
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Prescription parameters

If you are choosing a value for astigmatism (cylindrical power), remember to select the axis.
If you are getting multifocal lenses, remember to introduce the addition value, mounting height and diopters for near.
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Right Eye
Left Eye

Choice of progressive lens

You should choose the option that best adapts to your necessities. The bigger the prescription or your age, it is recommended to get a better lens (premium or premium plus).
Bear in mind that with better lenses your vision quality will also be better, but the price is a bit higher.

Thickness of the lens

Choose the lens thickness
If the lenses are going to be used for sunglasses, we recommend 1.5 or 1.6 index (basic or comfort). If you go for thinner options such as 1.67 or 1.74 (comfort plus and premium) the final price will be higher and all treatment options will not be available. In the case of sport glasses or security glasses, we recommend 1.6.

Lenses Treatment

If you choose no filter option, lenses will not have any filter or color.

Lenses Filter

If you choose no filter option, lenses will not have any filter or color.


You have completed the selection of your new lenses. If you have any questions, our team is just an email or call away.
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