Adidas glasses

Adidas glasses are among the most prominent products in the sports sector. These have the most innovative technology and the best materials that allow them to offer greater benefits.

The brand has glasses that offer great comfort due to a system of comfort and adjustment that they have implemented. These products are designed based on sophisticated ventilation technology. In addition, they have an adjustable bridge and sticky coated temples to ensure greater comfort.

History of Adidas glasses

Adidas was born in 1900 in Bavaria, Germany, and its founder was Adolf Dassler. In its beginnings, the brand began making sports shoes under the name Geda. It is not until August 18, 1949 when the company begins to be called Adidas.

The house is based on its motto "Support your vision" ("Support your vision"), which perfectly defines the entire collection of Adidas glasses.

Adidas sports glasses

In recent years, the company has bet on the improvement of sports glasses. For this reason, the latest products of the brand are positioned as one of the main options when buying glasses.

All lenses are tailored to the sport you practice. For this reason, they are ideal for sports such as cycling, skiing, snowboarding, among others.

The glasses have a light and resistant frame that allows it to conform to the shape of the face, preventing the sun's rays, water or dust from penetrating. In addition, its lenses can be polarized, avoiding reflections, or photochromic, with lenses that adapt to different light intensity.

Cycling glasses

Within this brand you can find glasses especially suitable for cycling.

In addition, to improve your vision, this type of glasses can be graduated, thus allowing you to have a better perception of all the agents in your environment.

Running glasses

Runners are looking for light glasses to develop their running activity as they guarantee greater comfort. Adidas

Adidas photochromic glasses

The brand has a wide collection of photochromic glasses, which adapt to all light conditions.