Polaroid glasses

Polaroid glasses have become one of the most wanted products among the young public thanks to its quality, design and competitive prices.

All their models come with polarized lenses that avoid horizontal light from bouncing back and creating blurs and reflexions. With this type of filter the lense absorbs light and eliminates all kinds of blurs. Also, it helps with eye fatigue offering better vision and contrast.

This product is ideal for multiple tasks like driving or water sports.

Polaroid glasses history

Polaroid glasses were born in 1937, founded by Edwin Land, who worked at the laboratories in the University of Columbia and created in 1929 the first  synthetic polarizer in the world. But it wasn't until 1935 that they sold their first pair of polarized glasses. The technology used then is still the same today in polarized lenses and other elements.

Also, this company created the first 3d glasses in history for coloured movies. Until then, it was only possible to watch them in black and white.

Today many celebrities choose this brand as one of their favourite eyewears: Sara Carbonero, Paula Echevaria or Maxi Iglesias, among others.

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