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Exclusive Sunglasses: ETNIA SS24 UNDERWATER

UNDERWATER invites us to explore the unknowns of the underwater world while reflecting on issues such as the coexistence of human creativity and artificial intelligence to create a surprising world.

Etnia Barcelona Introduces the Underwater SS24 Campaign

Etnia Underwater: The Collection

Dive into the depths of style and explore the Underwater SS24 collection from Etnia Barcelona, a range that captures the essence of the seas and oceans in each of its designs. This new season, Etnia Barcelona goes beyond fashion, merging cutting-edge designs with the immensity and mystery hidden beneath the submarine waters.

The Oceanic Inspiration of Etnia Underwater

Etnia Underwater is a tribute to the majesty of our seas and the marine life that teems within its currents. Each pair of glasses in this collection embodies the beauty and colorfulness of aquatic fauna, the nuances of the deep waters, and the serene shimmer that filters through the waves. Blueish hues, emerald greens, and sandy tones intertwine to create a color palette that evokes the tranquility and serenity of the underwater world.

Technology and Sustainability United by Etnia Underwater

Committed to the environment, Etnia Barcelona incorporates the latest in sustainable materials technology into its Underwater SS24 collection. Innovation meets ecological responsibility, selecting recyclable materials and conscious production methods that reflect the brand's commitment to preserving our oceans.

Live an Immersive Experience with Etnia Underwater

Wearing a pair of glasses from the Underwater SS24 collection, you acquire more than just a fashion accessory; you experience an immersive connection to nature and its grandeur. The refreshing sensation of diving into crystal-clear waters translates into visual comfort and unparalleled protection against the sun's rays, thanks to superior optical quality lenses and polarized treatments.

Discover Etnia Underwater at Optical H

Optical H is proud to present this exquisite collection, inviting urban explorers, nature lovers, and art advocates to discover the underwater world of Etnia Barcelona. In our online store, you will find a curated selection of the most striking pieces from the Underwater SS24 collection, ready to add a touch of sophistication and environmental awareness to your daily look.

With Etnia Underwater, you are doing more than taking your style to the next level; you are contributing to a greener future and showing your affinity for the mysterious world beneath the waves. Dive in with us and become a part of the wave that makes a difference with Etnia Underwater SS24.