Manufacturer VUARNET

Vuarnet sunglasses

vuarnet sunglasses shopVuarnet sunglasses use the best technology of the industry. Further, the brand creates its glasses with the best materials, making them resistant and long lasting. The designs are ergonomic and offer the best comfort for the user. Moreover, these glasses are usually sporty, perfect for daily use.

Vuarnet sunglasses with the best protection

An emphasized feature from Vuarnet sunglasses is the lenses' quality, offering a great range of possibilities. In fact, you can choose among a variety of colours and treatments as anti-reflective and polarized.

Sunglasses from this brand have mineral lenses (crystal) that filter 100% UV (UVA, UVB, UVC) rays and offer until 99% protection against blue light, one of the most aggressive to the eyes.

Lenses from this brand are the only ones in the world that absorb up to 94% of infrared rays, allowing the best protection to avoid eye irritation. Also, they have anti reflective treatment in the inner side of the lense to avoid side light in the eye.

Clear vision and intense colours

Vuarnet sunglasses ensure vision without chromatic distortion and high definition. Furthermore, they provide great clarity, producing better vision in contrast with plastic materials from other lenses.

Anti-scratch lenses

Lenses from this brand's sunglasses are resistant to scratches even in the most aggressive circumstances. They are also resistant to blows.

Vuarnet glasses created for sport

Vuarnet is a french enterprise founded in 1957, known for its optical lenses of the best quality. This brand got worldwide fame after sponsoring the french ski team in the winter olympic games of 1960.

For many years this brand sponsored important sport events as the Olympic Games and important marathons in the world. In fact, they are sport glasses par excellence, athletes really like them. Resistant materials make these glasses tough and long lasting.

Certainly, Vuarnet glasses are a safe investment to be sun protected with the best quality possible. In OpticalH we offer you the best price for Vuarnet glasses.