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Cebé sport sunglasses stand out for different reasons. One of them is their functionality, since they are adapted to many sports needs, making them the best choice for those who like practising this kind of activities.

Their lenses are inside this functionality. They have polarized treatments , as well mirrored lenses and even some models reaching up to tier 4.

Polarized treatments are a great advantage for those who practise aquatic sports or cycling, among others. Sometimes, light might reflect on plain surfaces like the road, snow or water, so this light can be very uncomfortable and can  occasionally complicate vision. This is the reason why the brand works with its Cebé Zone Polarized lenses, which facilitate vision reducing reflections and fatigue at the same time.

Cebé is also known for its photochromic lenses. With this type of lenses we achieve the opacity we need depending on the amount of UV rays present at the time. These lenses are available in different categories  (1 to 3 and 2 to 4).

Its lenses can be made out of polycarbonate or minerals. Polycarbonate glasses are characterized by being lighter and shock resistant, whereas mineral glasses are better against scratches.

Moreover, the french fashion brand has an anti-fog treatment that helps prevent moisture accumulation. They also have a mirror treatment, which not only provides an aesthetic effect but also a better solar filter efficiency.

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