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Items 1 to 22 of 22 total

Shop sunglasses online

Sunglasses are an essential accessory, perfect to wear throughout the year. Making the correct choice is very important, for this reason we have to take into account features as our face shape, design, materials and lenses. Even though we know that trends and beauty are very important, we must not set aside the benefits for our eyes' health.

Colours, treatments and lenses shape can influence in our comfortability. The best brands have these points very present and little details make the difference. Brands as Chanel, Dior, Ray ban, Vuarnet, Maui Jim, Serengeti, Oakley, Ana Hickmann, among others, stand out for its quality.

We have more than 4000 models available from the best brands, and the widest variety in designs and colours. We have a great professional team that can assess you at any moment. In this way you can choose the best model for you.

Buy sunglasses online

In our store is very easy to buy sunglasses online, the process can be done in a few minutes. You just have to go to the menu, filter the characteristics wanted and choose the model. In a few steps you will have your purchase done, we will ship it immediately and you will receive it in a short time. All our products have the best guarantee.

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Sunglasses for women

In our wide catalogue we have a great offer in sunglasses for women. We always have the latest tendencies, so our customers can find the glasses for women they were looking for. In the latest years designs with cat eye, big shapes, colourful and degraded lenses stood out. Furthermore, round and aviator sunglasses are back in trend. You can find models like these in brands as Chanel, Ray ban, Michael Kors, Oliver Peoples, Epos or Etnia.

Sunglasses for men

When talking about sunglasses for men we always think about square or rectangular shapes with straight lines. In the latest years these characteristics have changed and now we can find modern designs with innovative shapes. In fact, frames with round shape or double bridge are trend in the latest collections.

It is true that there are not many colours in sunglasses for men. In fact, brands bet for plain colours in brown, black, grey and blue tones.

Sunglasses for kids

Nowadays, parents are aware of the necessity of sunglasses for kids. Protecting the eyes of our children ensures a better future with less visual problems.

Glasses for kids have special characteristics, materials and filters. Among the most used materials we can emphasize silicone glasses that are super flexible and resistant.

Oval or round shapes are the most recommended covering the eye and avoiding ultraviolet rays or harmful light entering in the retina.

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Polarized sunglasses

Having polarized sunglasses ensures comfort and visual quality. Polarized lenses remove all reflexes present in horizontal surfaces, avoiding glares. This kind of lenses is perfect for driving and water sports.

Buy prescription sunglasses

They are an ideal option for people with sight problems. In our website you can find prescription sunglasses with the best protection for sunlight and the sharpest vision. With our assistant you can choose prescription lenses with different thickness. You also can add colour filters, polarized or therapeutic.

Sports sunglasses

We are practising sports more than ever. It is necessary to protect our eyes when doing sports. To choose sport sunglasses we have to take into account some details as comfort, flexibility, weight, materials and shapes.

Each sport has its own kind of glasses. Running glasses must be light, with rubber nose pads and they should be perfectly adjusted to our face. In this section brands as Adidas, Oakley, Bollé or Ver Sport stand out.

The best models for cycling are big shapes that avoid the wind in the eyes. Normally they have anti fog treatment. Also they protect the eye from wind and dust.

Types of lenses

Choosing the best lenses for our sunglasses is very important. All our products have the highest protection, but there are different kinds of lenses and we are going to show you the most common ones.

Photochromic lenses: They are lenses that adapt to all light conditions. When exposing them to solar light they darken to protect the eye from the light. In low light conditions they become totally transparent. Photochromic glasses are perfect for indoor sports.

Polarized lenses: Sunglasses with this kind of lenses offer comfort and sharp vision. Polarized lenses have a filter that removes all reflexes created in horizontal surfaces. They are perfect for driving and for mountain and road sports, and also they are great for fishing.

Mirrored: Sunglasses with mirrored lenses stand out for its appearance, but they also offer visual benefits. Mirrored lenses reflect some light and in this way, our eyes receive less sunlight. This treatment is able to block among 10-40% of light.
Uniform lenses: This kind of lenses is the most common one. They offer full UV protection. The most usual colours are brown, grey and green.

Degraded: This kind of lenses is very elegant. They allow a clear vision in the bottom part and block more light in the top part to avoid glares. With this kind of lenses we can enter in any place with our sunglasses on.

Glasses solar protection

All our glasses are approved and have 100% solar protection. Also, they fulfil all requirements requested by the legislation. Lenses from sunglasses have a special filter that avoids UV light. This is possible since the main components absorb UV radiation.

Sunglasses categories

Lenses have different categories depending on their colour intensity.

Category 1: They are lenses with soft tones, ideal for low light conditions. In some specific cases, in working conditions with annoying artificial lights, these lenses can be used.

Category 2: They have medium colour intensity, valid for not-so-intense light conditions.

Category 3: Is the standard tone for sunglasses.

Category 4: It is a more specific tone, recommended for intense light conditions. Its normal use is for special light conditions, present for example in mountain or snow conditions. They are not recommended to drive.

Benefits of lenses according to their colour

The colour tone does not imply more or less protection, but we have to take it into account depending on the conditions in which we are going to use the glasses.

Green: They allow to appreciate colours without many disturbances. Furthermore, they minimize the entrance of light maintaining a very clear vision. They are recommended for people with hyperopia.

Brown: This tone increases the contrast in the image and allows a better far vision. They are recommended for people with myopia.
Grey: This colour distributes evenly the light that enters into the eye. This tone does not created colour distortion, so they allow a real colour perception.

Shapes in sunglasses

We can find frames in many shapes and designs. Now we are going to show you the most common ones:

Squared frames: This kind of frame is normally big, ideal for triangular, oval or round faces. You can find them both in acetate and metal.

Round glasses: They are super trendy right not, they are perfect for triangular or square faces. Round Chanel sunglasses or Chloé are succeeding this season.

Oval glasses: This shape is recommended for any kind of face, they are less usual designs in new collections.

Wayfarer glasses: The Ray ban classic that named a shape. They are still trendy after 20 years; nowadays we can find them as eyeglasses. This shape is recommended for any kind of face.

Aviator sunglasses: Maybe the best seller glasses design in history. In fact, they never go out of style. Nowadays this model is in its best moment.


Sunglasses frames can be manufactured in different materials. Depending on their material we can talk about durability, lightness, resistance and elasticity. We have classified the materials:

Acetate: Models with this material are the most used nowadays, they are perfect to add colour to the frame and they are the most anatomical. Inside this kind we can find materials as acetate, plastic derivatives and nylon fibres.

Metal: They are the most resistant and light, as steel and aluminium among others. The manufacturers frequently add colour coatings to make them more attractive. Inside this material range we can find titanium or beta titanium, which are the most resistant, flexible and anti-allergic. The most innovative material nowadays is the surgical steel.

Wood: Wood glasses are super popular right now. They are made with different kinds of wood as bamboo, oak, rosewood, mahogany, eucalyptus, among others. Depending on the wood the colour of the glasses will be different. Also, depending on the model they combine different types of wood. All of them are made by hand in an artisanal process. In our web you can find wood models from brands as Mortima, Gold and Wood, Ray ban, Öe.

2018 sunglasses trends

This year all brands have betted for big and classic shapes. The most innovative designs are with double bridge both in metal and acetate frames. Furthermore, cat eye shapes are still standing out and the trend continues. Designs for women are emphasized in brands as Chanel, Dior, Chloé, Céline, Carolina Herrera, among others.

When talking about lenses trends point out to degraded and clear tones. In Optical H you can buy your sunglasses online at best price. In our wide catalogue you will find the design and type of frame that you are looking for. Moreover, our professional team will assess you at any moment during the purchase. We want you to enjoy the experience of buying your glasses online with all guarantees.


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