Buy Glasses Unisex Crux C Revo 1021 11Og 63 10 Unisex
Crux C Revo 1021 11Og 63 10

Crux C Revo 1021 11Og 63 10

Crux C Revo 1021 11Og 63 10 Sunglasses

Sunglasses by the brand REVO Unisex Sunglasses, , with a(n) Sporty style.Crux C Revo 1021 11Og 63 10 they have a(n) Semi Rimless frame made of Acetate / plastic with a(n) Sporty shape in Black colour. Their size is 63mm and their bridge width is 10mm, with a total frame width of 73mm. They have Organic, Golden, Uniform lenses. These glasses aren't suitable for prescription lenses.

Crux C Revo 1021 11Og 63 10 Glasses

These are top of the range glasses from the brand REVO, made of high-quality materials, modern glasses that will give you a look that matches your image. Buy Crux C Revo 1021 11Og 63 10 sunglasses in an easy and safe way at the best price in our online store.

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Data sheet

  • Brand: REVO
  • Curved frame glasses: Yes
  • Face: Oval Face
  • Frame Color: Black
  • Face Width (Sunglasses): Wide Face
  • Lens Color: Golden
  • Lens filter: Uniform
  • Frame material: Acetate / plastic
  • Frame Shape: Sporty
  • Lenses Material: Organic
  • Glasses style: Sporty
  • Type of sports glasses: Surf
  • Frame Type: Semi Rimless


Lens width: 63 mm

Bridge: 10 mm

Width: 136 mm


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