Buy Glasses Unisex Bearing Revo 4057 08Bl 63 16 Unisex
Bearing Revo 4057 08Bl 63 16

Bearing Revo 4057 08Bl 63 16

Bearing Revo 4057 08Bl 63 16 Sunglasses

Sunglasses by the brand REVO Unisex Sunglasses, , with a(n) Sporty style.Bearing Revo 4057 08Bl 63 16 they have a(n) Full Rim frame made of Acetate / plastic with a(n) Sporty shape in Gray colour. Their size is 63mm and their bridge width is 16mm, with a total frame width of 79mm. They have Organic, Blue, Polarized + Gradient lenses. These glasses aren't suitable for prescription lenses.

Bearing Revo 4057 08Bl 63 16 Glasses

These are top of the range glasses from the brand REVO, made of high-quality materials, modern glasses that will give you a look that matches your image. Buy Bearing Revo 4057 08Bl 63 16 sunglasses in an easy and safe way at the best price in our online store.

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Data sheet

  • Brand: REVO
  • Curved frame glasses: Yes
  • Face: Oval Face
  • Frame Color: Grey
  • Face Width (Sunglasses): Wide Face
  • Lens Color: Blue
  • Lens filter: Polarized + Gradient
  • Frame material: Acetate / plastic
  • Frame Shape: Sporty
  • Lenses Material: Organic
  • Glasses style: Sporty
  • Type of sports glasses: Surf
  • Frame Type: Full Rim


Lens width: 63 mm

Bridge: 16 mm

Width: 142 mm


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