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Silhouette eyewear

silhouette glasses

Silhouette eyewear have a stylish design and are very light. They are mounted in the air, very light and resistant. The silhouette glasses are made with a titanium alloy; Which allows great flexibility. The brand always intends to create glasses, which barely notice in the face. That's why wearing a Silhouette sunglasses is a tasteful sample.

Silhouette eyewear models

Silhouette has a wide variety of models, you can choose from multiple shapes and colors of rods. In Silhouette glasses it is also possible to choose the shape of the glass between an endless number of options.

Silhouette designs are created to offer the user the best comfort and cleanness in the image. Silhouette eyewear allow a wider field of vision without any obstacles, such as colored or thick edges.

Silhouette Sunglasses

Silhouette features several collections of sunglasses, maintaining the brand's signature designs. The silhouette sunglasses are very stylized, light and resistant, ideal for everyday use.

Each year Silhouette renews the models, this year the trend is the peak-shaped finishes with neutral colors. Silhouette sunglasses lenses have the maximum sun protection and allow clear and clear vision.

Silhouette History

Silhouette is an Austrian company; Founded in 1960. It has great popularity in Europe and the USA. At present it collaborates with the nasa; To create glasses with a weight of 1.8 grams.

Silhouette has been paying attention to detail and manufacturing of high quality since 1964. An innovative, minimalist design. The first Silhouette glasses had a narrow square shape with dark frames, unusual for their time. In the early 1970s, the brand became popular due to actress Sylvia Kristel.

In 1991 Silhouette began an intense collaboration with the German sportswear producer Adidas. Even today, the company is responsible for the design and production of all models of the Adidas Performance line, dedicated to athletes.

New Silhouette Eyewear Models

In OpticalH you can find the best models of Silhouette glasses. Newer collections add new lens shapes with cleaner and more delicate lines. You can choose from various colors of frames, red, blue, orange, gold, among others. The Silhouette brand is the leader in the field of outdoor frames.

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