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Serengeti sunglasses

serengeti sunglassesThe Serengeti sunglasses are the best in the industry in terms of technology and protection offered by their lenses. Serengeti has several lines within its collection, sports glasses and others with classic style. The Serengeti sunglasses are created with ergonomic design that fit very well to each person's face.

The Serengeti sunglasses are made of high quality materials such as: titanium, stainless steel, acetate and injected nylon. What guarantees the best resistance and its sophisticated aesthetics.

They are very comfortable glasses and ideal to wear all day long. The Serengeti sunglasses have gained great fame worldwide, because they are the only ones that incorporate polarized and photochromatic lenses in all their models. Serengeti creates its lenses using the best technology of the sector, which allows incorporating the best features.

Users of the Serengeti sunglasses are very pleased to have specific glasses that fit the light conditions. On days of low sunlight the lens stays clearer and days of intense light adapts to darken, thus avoiding glare.

Polarized and photochromatic Serengeti sunglasses

The Serengeti glasses offer 100% sun protection. The polarized filters of the Serengeti sunglasses are the best on the market, allow to eliminate all reflected light, adding more intensity to the colors and greater sharpness of the image. The Serengeti sunglasses are ideal for driving, provide the best visual rest in all conditions.

The technology that Serengeti implements in its photochromic lenses is the best on the market. They are lenses that adapt the intensity of their color according to the light conditions. Serengeti lenses react very quickly to changing light, avoiding glare immediately or brightening to allow better vision even at night.

Serengeti is a brand chosen for years by world-famous personalities like Val Kilmer, Peta Wilson, Patrick Dempsey, Alain Prost or James Denton. Serengeti combines all the qualities you look for your sunglasses: performance, elegance, protection and style.

History of Serengeti

The Serengeti brand was born in Florida in 1985 and quickly positioned itself in the market for first-class polarized sunglasses. Serengeti differs from the rest for its unique combination of the characteristics of its lenses and significant innovations: photochromic technology, blue anti-light technology, spectrum control technology.

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