Safety glasses

Explore our great selection of prescription safety glasses. Ideal for high-risk jobs, our safety glasses are designed to provide protection against impacts and chemical agents. Shop now at OpticalH.

Safety Glasses

Discover our extensive selection of safety glasses with the possibility of graduation, providing exceptional protection for your eyes during work tasks.

Get Your Safety Glasses at OpticalH

Buy safety glasses online at OpticalH, enjoying great comfort and guaranteed security. We offer designs specially made for maximum defense against various agents such as dust, smoke and splashes, as well as aerosols or gases. Their increased firmness in frames and lenses, together with their side shields, allows them to provide complete and absolutely trustworthy protection.

Prescription Safety Glasses

Our range of safety glasses with prescription not only provide necessary protection in different work environments, but can also be adapted to your optical prescription. This high level of customization ensures optimum visual performance without compromising safety.

Certified Products for Your Safety

All our safety glasses products come with recognized certifications that guarantee their effectiveness as eye protection devices. We offer models from renowned brands like Bollé and Essilor, designed with durable and resistant materials.

Choose the Safety Glasses That Best Suits You

At OpticalH, we offer a variety of safety glasses models so you can find the one that best suits your needs. If you require protection against chemical agents, models with glass lenses are ideal for you. On the other hand, if you need an extra protection against impacts, we recommend opting for polycarbonate lenses.