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Prescription glasses

Prescription glasses
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Items 1 to 18 of 18 total

Buy eyeglasses online

During the last years buying prescription frames online has become a common action for thousands of people. At Optical H we are professional opticians and we will help you to choose the best eyeglasses by the best brands at the best price.

You can follow the trends with your eyeglasses as well

Prescription frames are in trend and they have become the ideal complement to add style to our look. Now wearing prescription frames which adapt to your style is easier and you can count on with a big variety of models and colors.

At Optical H you will find the best prescription frames. Hundreds of trendy eyeglasses by the best brands classified by colours and shapes to care your sight and style.

If you already know your prescription parameters you only will need to use our online assistant to know all the available lenses at our centre. Just select which frame you want to buy, press “buy” button and then the “Prescription lenses?” button. After that you only need to introduce your parameters and a budget will appear instantly for you. Chose a pair of good quality lenses by the best manufacturers in the world because seeing well is elementary.

We prepare your prescription lenses at our workshop really fast and including all the warranties. Follow our instructions to understand your prescription receipt correctly. 


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