Manufacturer NRC OCCHIALLI

NRC is a brand of glasses with its headquarters in Italy. It designs and distributes sport sunglasses of high quality. NRC shows a line of sport glasses with the latest technological innovations: models which will shock. Higher comfortability, lightness and, above all, safety. Features which no other glasses producer can offer. NRC lenses arose from a complex and delicate procedure of pressure injection at high temperature of the policarbonate plastic. A process which allows to create an homogeneous frame, free of superficial and shiny elements, clean and without any distortion. Thus, the resultant lenses provide clear images and a high optical quality, more safety due to its mechanic resistance and more lightness due to its low specific weight. Created to resist scratches and blows, NRC lenses support 130º temperatures and they resist low temperatures too. They do also guarantee the lack of iridiscence and colour strength.

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