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About THÉA

Théa is an independent pharmaceutical company specialized in the research, development and commercialization of eye-care products. The group is now the leader in several therapeutic classes as well as in the field of preservative-free eye drops, thanks to the ABAK® system used in their bottles. Preservatives are used to maintain the sterility of medical solutions. However, numerous publications have shown that preservatives are toxic for the cornea, the conjunctiva and the tear film, regardless of the active ingredient used in the eye drops or the duration of the treatment. As a solution, single dose units were put on the market in the 60s. However, this packaging form is expensive and far from ecological, as well as difficult to use for older patients.

Theazol Duo

THEALOZ DUO, a preservative free dry eye drop, offers protection and moisturising and lubricating benefits to the eye surface for a long period of time and a great comfort.

Thealoz Duo is ideal for dry eye from a range of causes such as air conditioning, dry environments, working with computers, hormonal Dry Eye, wearing contact lenses, wind, smoke, pollution, dust, heating, etc.

THEALOZ DUO is preservative-free so it preserves eye tissue, so it can be used with contact lenses, whatever type they are. Two agents combine to provide such long-lasting and moisturising benefits for THEALOZ DUO: Trehalose (3%) and Hyaluronic acid (0.15%). Trehalose is a natural disaccharide found in many plants and animals, and the Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide found naturally in eyes. 



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Data sheet

  • Brand: THÉA
  • Solution Series: Thea
  • Solution type: Wetting
  • Size: 10ml



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