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Manufacturer LOZZA

Lozza eyewear, is the result of work and experience through the years inside the optical sector. Its designs have evolved and as a result there are glasses with different shapes and styles. Its main aim is to cover the different necessities according to each client, not only aesthetics but also comfort.

Lozza Sunglasses

Lozza sunglasses have a very strong personality. All of them transmit a vintage spirit, which goes in accordance with the actual trends. Its main materials are metal and acetate. Because of this, it is possible to see some metallic models, and at the same time, acetate frames or combinations of both materials.

Regarding shapes, it is possible to say that designers are not focus exclusively in one single style, but they try to open a wide range of possibilities with round, square or aviator shapes. All of them have different sizes in order to adapt them to the different user’s tastes and necessities.

It is possible to see how the brand also introduces trendy elements such as double bridges. With this, Lozza remembers to its clients that it is a brand with a long way back, with a classic base. But I has known how to introduce new trends in its designs.

Its lenses are available in different colors. All of them count on 100% UV protection and they also have the different sun protection categories. It is possible to find the use of the degraded lenses in a great number of the brand’s sunglasses.

Lozza Eyeglasses

With a different and vintage style, Lozza eyeglasses are the best choice to complete your daily look. Most of the brand’s models have the metal as their main element. It is also possible to find some model made of acetate.

Lozza uses round and squared mixed with aviator shapes. Acetate eyeglasses are also present .

The brand does not only look for call the client’s attention because of its appearance, but also because of the comfort and lightness of its products.

History of the brand

It was founded in 1878, and it is the oldest optical company in Italy. Its founder, Giovanni Lozza, opened the first Lozza workshop in 1912. The brand has launched different styles according to the different ages, all of them with contemporaneous styles.

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In Optical H we count on a wide range of Lozza products. If you want to find the best one for you, contact our professional team. They will assess you during the whole purchase process.




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