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Low vision eyewear

Low vision eyewear
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Items 1 to 7 of 7 total

Buy low vision glasses

A person is considered to have low vision when they have any visual impairment that doesn’t allow them to carry on with any or all their daily life activities.

A specific characteristic of low vision condition is that it’s a chronic condition. There are special occasions in which surgery would be possible, however, other medical issues advise otherwise, so, even in those cases in which it isn’t a chronic condition, it remains there.

There are certain technical devices that improve life quality of this kind of patients. For example, optical aids, both manual and assembled in the glasses, that enlarge image as much as every patient needs. Or other electro-optical aids, which are technological devices such as TV magnifier glasses, virtual reality systems or software that enhances computer screens. Moreover, these users have magnifying glasses, microscopes and manual telescopes.

The main optical options are:

- Selective filters to avoid light dazzle, improve the contrast loss and make it easier adapting to light changes.

- Magnifying glasses with light or assembled on a pair of glasses to multiply image size.

- Light systems both for retina problems and for functional loss of the optic nerve.

- Micortelescopes assembled on a pair of glasses that allow get closer the image of an object that is far from us.

- Magnifying glasses with electronic screen to severe vision loss cases.

- Scan dialogue systems

- Touch aids

All of the Low Vision glasses we have at Optical H belong to the Cocoons brand and come equipped with CSR lenses or different absorption filters for eye diseases, or simply for those who need a better optical quality to do their jobs or hobbies. We also work with filters by the brands AVS and ML Filter and offer many visual aids by Eschenbach and Recoletos Visión.

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