Each day we work hard in providing the best and most varied optical services, because we care about your visual health.

  • Optometry. Our qualified personnel, through a series of tests and using the latest technology, will determine which type of vision problems you have. Based on this diagnosis they will recommend you the best choice available for improving your vision with compensatory lenses (glasses), contact lenses or low vision aids.
  • Contact lenses adaptation. The human eye is a complex and sensitive organ that requires a special care. Contact lenses demand an adaptation to the characteristics of each person and our team of professionals can provide you the most adequate solutions. The technology of contact lenses is continually evolving, improving every day.
  • Vision Therapy and Low Vision. Having vision problems may have a big impact on your daily life. There are illnesses that cause a lack of vision, such as retinopathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabete, etc. Fortunately, there are techniques and optical instruments that can find solutions. In these cases, vision loss is not solved with normal glasses, but can be repaired with magnifying optical aids. Our specialists in low vision will give you the best solution for your case and help you to recover your lifestyle.
  • Advice: each person has specific needs based on their visual problem, work requirements and personal preferences. Currently on the market there is a wide variety of lenses and frames that allow us to offer the best fit and ensure your satisfaction.
  • Free Parking. If you visit us in our optical center, you may have a free hour for parking. Our customer will get a payment card that can be exchanged when you remove the parking ticket. This is offered for the car park “La Laguna Centro”, located in Manuel de Ossuna, 57 (San Cristobal de La Laguna).
  • Maintenance and Glasses Repair. Whether you are a client or not, we can help you keep your glasses in good condition. If you have any problems with your frames or glasses, come to see us and we will try to give you a fast and effective solution. Excepting complex repairs, our qualified personnel will assist you for free.
    Maintenance and Glasses Repair
  • Home Care Service. If your situation disables you to visit our center, please call us to inquire about this service on optical revisions at home. We also have available at our shop handicap access and infrastructure with specialized services.
  • Image Consulting: We can help you find the frame and glasses that you are looking for tha suits best your facial features and lifestyle. We offer a wide range of models of brands for glasses. Contact us straight away.
    Image Consulting glasses
  • Services to Companies and Corporations: We also promote visual health lending services to Corporations. We impart presentations, give speeches and free workshops in different aspects of visual health. We give prevention tips, good habits, some curiosities and spread out the latest news in the sector. We also offer a graduation and review service in situ to the members of groups and corporations. If you are interested in this service, please use the following form.

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