Action protocol for the correct purchase and use of your new glasses

First of all and before proceeding with your purchase, from OpticalH we are interested in all our customers’ vision health. That is why we have established two essential conditions to purchase prescription glasses with us.

  1. To proceed with the purchase of glasses in our web it will be indispensable to have the parameters provided by a titled optometrist or ophthalmologist. These parameters should be the most recent possible, otherwise our recommendation will be to get new parameters before continuing with the purchase.
  2. You can introduce your parameters in our assistant. In this way you will know the price of the lenses and the frame. Anyway, to proceed to the shipment of your glasses you must send us your medical prescription.

Inside our assistant you will find a great variety of lenses. Depending on the use and kind of frame selected you should choose the lenses following our recommendations.

The best idea is choosing lenses with good optic quality. We should take into account that the lenses have the letters CE and also the protection level (0 to 4 in sunglasses). Furthermore, you should bear in mind that, depending on the kind of treatment chosen for your prescription lenses you will have some advantages regarding others. There are two types of materials for lenses but in our assistant you only can choose organic lenses (unbreakable plastic). Mineral lenses are hardly scratched, but susceptible to blows. Organic lenses are light and resistant to blows. Both of them can have treatments as anti-reflecting, photochromic (lenses darken with light), coloured (for different pathologies) and mirrored or polarized in case of sunglasses.

Monofocal lenses

Monofocal lenses are the most common among the majority of users. This lenses are prepared to correct both far and near vision. All our monofocal lenses are from laboratories and you can combine different treatments, reduction, filters…

All these lenses have two years of guarantee. The adaptation period of monofocal lenses are 15 days counted from the day of reception. You should not have any problem in the adaptation, since this lenses only have one focus point. If you feel discomfort in any of the distances it can be due to some problems with the parameters or with the assembly of the lenses (the most common problems are the incorrect measure of interpupillary distance, bad measure of the astigmatism axis or a defect in the assembly if the glasses are not the appropriate for the customer).

If you are not comfortable with the new glasses you should get in contact with us to resolve the problem.

Progressive lenses

These lenses are more complex than monofocal lenses, since they contain different focus points for all distances, they need some adaptation period. To decrease this adaptation period OpticalH has chosen high-range lenses from the best laboratories in the world.

Advantages of progressive lenses

  1. Just a pair of glasses for all distances.
  2. There are not “jumps” in the image.
  3. More esthetical than bifocal glasses since they are completely flat.
  4. “Natural” vision.

This adaptation period consists on mechanize ocular and head movements. In this way, the eyes will be always “pointing” to the best vision area.

Specifically, the experiences that you may experiment are:

You should learn to “point”. Since each point of the hallway have a different potency, appropriate to look at a concrete distance, we have to build (unconsciously) a localization map of the areas in which we have to point to look at a determined distance. This would be as natural and automatic as walking or breathing.

Since the hallway is designed to match with the natural position of the eyes for each distance, learning to point have no difficulties. The only thing we have to do is get used to look things squarely when using that area.

Users accustomed to move the eyes but not the head to locate objects that move laterally will notice that they have to do an effort to combine eyes and head movements, over all looking at intermediate distances. This is the case of many myopic people.

Users accustomed to move the head more than the eyes will not notice this effect that much.

Rejection to progressive lenses

Between the conditioning factors of the rejection of progressive lenses we can find different problems. The “evident strabismus” (clear deviation of the eyes) and the “latents” (sporadic deviation of the eyes), the “hyperforia” (one eye moves vertically with regard to the other), problems of “convergence failure” (eyes tend to diverge when looking near, so the focus effort is bigger), the so-called “nistagmo” (regular and repetitive eye movement), important parameter differences between one eye and the other (anisometropia), high “astigmatism” (over all if the orientation of each eye difficult simultaneous vision) and finally cases of “monocular” vision (with just one eye) that do not converge when looking near.

Exceptional cases

In glasses users that do not present any problems from the named previously, exceptionally there are cases of rejection not related with visual problems, but with organic origin, functional (visual function) or psychological.

Follow-up steps:

PRACTICE the change of vision far-near (for example: sitting in the sofa in front of the TV in a standing position and a magazine, alternate looking TV and reading).

BE CAREFUL looking to the floor or walking down stairs. You should lower your head and looking in the upper part of the lenses.

TRY to not look “sideways”. You should combine eye and head movements.

From OpticalH we guarantee 60 days to adapt to your new prescription progressive glasses. If you cannot adapt to these glasses, we change them for others.

Moreover, all our products have guarantee. You can also return the product (please, read the purchase conditions for more information).

If you want to change your glasses and have lost the parameters (if they have not changed) you can send us your old glasses and we will obtain the necessary information from them. If this is your case, follow the instructions.

If your parameters have changed (you cannot see properly with your current glasses) and do not find the parameters from your optometrist or ophthalmologist, you must attend a specialist to get a new report of visual health. 

If your prescription glasses are also sunglasses, we recommend to choose a good protection. For this reason you should take into account some factors:

How to choose a good protection?

Protection levels vary from 0 to 4. For normal solar light situations, level 3 is enough, but for mountain is recommended to use level 4. Glasses with level 4 protection, nevertheless, should not be used to drive.

Although the majority of sunglasses respond to European requirements, in force since 1995, the information sometimes is insufficient to know the quality and protection level. To ensure that the sunglasses chosen are adequate, our recommendation is to consult an optician, the only professional in this field.

What are the factors to take into account when buying sunglasses?

They must be certified by the UE and have 100% protection from ultraviolet radiation (the regulation allows a little range of difference). The frame must adjust correctly to our face.

In any case, if you have any doubt, the best option is attend your optometrist or ophthalmologist or contact directly with us throughout any route present in our web. In this way we can assess you and ensure that your glasses are totally adaptable to your necessities.

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