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Buying eyeglasses online never was this easy. We help you to choose the glasses which will suit you better because everything looks better with Optical H.

What eyewear I should chose depending on my face shape?

Although it always depends on how you feel with them on, you can use the following advices when choosing your glasses’ shape:

Square faces

Choose round or oval shapes. Retro Wayfarer, Aviator or Clubmaster frames will suit you too.

Another option will be choosing rimless frames.

Triangular faces

Chose frames with squared, oval or round shapes.

You can also choose rimless or half-rim frames.

Oval faces

Chose squared, oval, mask, cat shape or butterfly shaped glasses.

You can use full rim glasses as well as rimless frames.

Round faces

Chose squared, retro wayfarer, aviator, mask or clubmaster frames.

If you have any doubt the best option is choosing a rimless frame.

Which color suits you better?

You can chose the frame color easily in sunglasses frames as well as in prescription frames. Simply use the filters included on the column in the left.

Choose the frames with the correct size

Your frames’ size is composed by three numbers. You should pay attention to your frame caliber which is composed by:

  • The diameter of the lens (A): this is the width of each lens
  • The bridge width (B): This is the size of the central part in the frame

Finally the length of the temples (C): This is usually 135 or 145 mm long

How to know the size of the frames

If you already have any glasses you will see some numbers including this measures at one of the temples. For example “53 ☐ 18 135" means that the frame has a diametre of 53 mm (A), a 18mm bridge (B) and that the temples are 135mm long.

At Optical H you can filter all our glasses depending on your face size choosing the best diameter for each case

Eyewear for narrow faces

Eyewear for medium size faces

Eyewear for wide faces

Protocol for the purchase and use of lenses

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