Manufacturer IGREEN

Igreen eyewear

Igreen glasses have the most advanced designs inside the optic sector. They are unique glasses that stand out for its lightness, unique design and bright colours. The brand offers the best comfortability in its products, allowing to wear them for many hours. Furthermore, they weigh 5 gr and its material offers a great flexibility.

The brand has a wide catalogue where you will find the shape and colour that adjusts to your taste. Round, rectangular or squared shapes are part of the many options that the brand offers. Moreover, they are innovative and modern glasses that will allow the projection of a unique personal image.

Igreen glasses with adaptable designs

With Igreen glasses you have the possibility to change the temples in a very easy way. In fact, you can dispose of different temples and combine it as you like. Despite of its flexibility and lightness they are very resistant and lasting glasses.

This brand offers glasses in both sizes, for kids and adults. In the case of kids they are glasses that fit them very well for its great flexibility. Without doubt, this brand manufactures glasses of the best quality, making them a safe investment.

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