Seeoo reading glasses

Seeoo prescription reading glasses catalog

Seeoo prescription glasses are handcrafted with a more traditional design. The particularity of these designs is they do not have temples, instead, you will only find the frame and the bridge.

Its manufacturing process unifies the latest technology with the care of the handcrafting process, creating this way an authentic, comfortable, effective and lasting product. All brand’s products offer the best style, protection and careful colors, allowing these models to have a great class.

Seeoo prescription glasses models

Seeoo reading glasses count on a great variety of colors among which you will be able to choose the one best fitting to your taste. Moreover, you will find products finishes in either acetate or rimless frames.

The brand has two main models, on one hand we find the Seeoo Classic, with acetate rims and a steel bridge. Its lenses are made with the best Swarovski crystals. This model stands out due to the quality of its materials and small size, allowing you to put them on your bag or pocket.

On the other hand, we find the Seeoo Light, with bigger lenses that allow longer reading periods. This model stands out for its lightness and transparency, turning them into a discrete model.