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iGreen Hi Tech Frames Eyeglasses counts on the most advanced designs in the optical sector. They are unique glasses that stand out for their light weight, design and vivid colours. You can also personalize your glasses with the new iGreen eyewear clip ons.

The evolution of iGreen is infinite. Now you can transform your iGreen prescription glasses into Sunglasses, buy adding the new clip-on. A frontal magnet that makes it easy to clip-on in one step. iGreen Plus frames are sol with its polarized clip-on. Also, you can purchase extra clip-ons for each model and combine them with different frames to change up your look.

IGreen Plus prescription

Each iGreen Plus frame includes a polarized lens magnetic clip-on. Apart from these clip-ons, iGreen Plus offers also four adil-Green clip-ons: Green mirror polarized, perfect for maximum visualization and for external light conditions.

Selective filter of colours, eliminates harmful light and offers vivid images in high contrast.

Also indicated for driving, we find yellow tinted lenses that offer best vision in low light conditions. Ideal for driving, hunters, pilots, tennis players, cyclists,  skiers and much more . We can find as well blue tinted lenses, for long screen exposures.

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