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All Cressi Sub eyeglasses have been designed and manufactured in Italy using machinery and tools of it’s own company. Cressi is an underwater sport company whose products cover diving, speargun fishing, snorkeling and swimming. The first Cressi goggles were made in the 50’s and they were called Nuoto Goggle.

During its business history Cressi has covered the needs of swimming athletes that do aquatic sports. At our center you can get your prescribed Cressi Sub glasses to practice whatever aquatic sport you enjoy. Depending on your prescription requirements and if it is for near or far vision, our optometrists well guide you towards the best option.

The lens of scuba diving goggles requires that one of its bases is flat, in order to be able to adjust the lens to the frame. These lenses are aspherical so its fabrication will depend on the prescription needed by the user. There are different types of fabrication, in some cases the glass is substituted by the diving mask itself. Apart from advising you in the best product we will also offer you the best price and finishes possible.

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