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Manufacturer EPOS

Epos glasses

Epos glasses design contain classic colours and forms. They always tend to use round shaped lenses in their designs. Nevertheless, Epos frames are very light, colorful and comfortable. The brand uses high quality materials. Further, every year the brand attracts thousands of new customers with its new collections.

Epos sunglasses

Epos sunglasses have a vintage style with classic forms. The brand produces very resistant glasses with a hand-made process that achieves the best finishings. Moreover, all Epos sunglasses have lenses with the highest solar protection with different colours. They are glasses that do not go out of style, they always will give you a different and special look. In fact, the presence of colour in Epos glasses allow them to be easy to combine with any kind of clothing.

epos sunglasses

Epos eyewear

Epos eyewear offer the highest comfort for a prolonged use. Indeed, aesthetic is very important for Epos. That's why their eyewear maintains their traditional designs with a great variety of colours.

Acetate sheets used in Epos glasses offer unique shades that already take part in the basis of the brand. Buy Epos eyewear is a safe investment for a quality, long lasting product.

History Epos glasses

Epos is an italian high quality glasses manufacturer . The company was born in the golden years of the industry, and keeps following the hand-made glasses tradition. In fact, Epos has received important awards from the optical industry that make the company take a stance between the best of the industry.


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