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About CIBA

CIBA VISION offers a wide variety of contact lenses which allow enjoying the same vision quality as you have when using glasses. Ciba offers daily disposable contact lenses such as Daiies Total 1 or Ciba Air Optix (monthly disposable contact lenses) which adjust to the users' life style and follow the recommended programming by professionals in the area.

Freshlook Colorblends Graduadas

Freshlook Colorblends daily contact lenses from Ciba Visión laboratories improves a subtle development or a change of colour for any natural eye colour. The patented technology "three in one", is designed to mix with your eye colour providing a natural aspect. Available in different colours as blue, green, grey, honey brown, etc... RX contact lenses available in the following powers: Neutra, from +2 to -6 dp of sphere in steps from 0.25 dp, from +2.50 to +6 in steps of 0.50 dp and from -6.50 dp to -8 dp in steps of 0.50 dp.

Prescription Details

Right Eye Left Eye
Spherical power:
Radius (base curve):
Lens diameter:
Color Lentillas

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Data sheet

  • Brand: CIBA
  • Contact lens duration: Monthly
  • Lenses' brand: Freshlook
  • Contact Lens Pack: 2 contacts
  • Contact lens type: Cosmetic
  • Color contact lenses: Orange
  • Color contact lenses: Purple
  • Color contact lenses: Gray
  • Color contact lenses: Green
  • Color contact lenses: Brown
  • Color contact lenses: Blue
  • Color contact lenses: Yellow




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