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Children’s glasses collection

Children need sunglasses as much as adults do. At Optical H we count with a huge variety of glasses for children made of flexible material and lenses which offer 100% protection against sun rays.

Kids usually spend a lot of time outside (more than adults). This is the reason why they need a pair of sunglasses to protect them from harmful sun rays as UV rays.

It has been demonstrated that a prolonged exposition to UV rays is related to some vision problems as cataracts among others. As kids spend more time under sun rays they need a pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes.

Furthermore, kid’s eyes are more sensitive to UVA rays than adult’s ones. This happens because their crystalline lens is not completely developed and they can not fully filter this kind of radiation. For this reason kids must be equipped with this ítems since the very beginning.

Children’s sunglasses designed with the best materials.

As we know children are very playful and not very careful. Kid's sunglasses are made of highly resistant materials and they are sold with some accessories to help them in keeping their glasses in good conditions. For example, rubber or silicone frames frames are really popular among fathers because they are flexible, soft and unbreakable.

At Optical H we count with a huge variety of kid’s sunglasses by the best brands and with a big selection of colors for them.

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