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Children need sunglasses as adults, or maybe even more. In Optical H we have a wide variety of glasses for kids, created with flexible materials and lenses that offer a 100% solar protection.

Kids normally spend a lot of time outdoors, exposed to UV rays so they need sunglasses to fight them.

It has been proved that a prolonged exposition to UV rays during life it is related to some visual problems as cataracts, among others. Since kids normally spend many time out, under the sun, they need glasses to protect their eyes.

Furthermore, kids’ eyes are more sensible to UV rays than adults. This happens because the kids’ crystalline is not totally developed and they have less capacity to filter this radiation. Therefore, it is perfect to protect their eyes with sunglasses.

Children sunglasses created with the best materials

As we know kids are playful and normally not very cautious. Sunglasses for kids are made with high resistant materials. They come with accessories to help the little ones to maintain their glasses in good conditions. For example, silicone frames are very popular among parents, since they are soft, flexible and unbreakable.

We have a lot of colourful glasses so kids can choose its favourite colour among them.

In Optical H we have a wide variety of sunglasses for kids from the best brands.

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