CHANEL Summer Collection (23)

CHANEL Summer Collection: Exclusive eyewear collection of CHANEL

Chanel Summer Collection


The brand offers this year a great variety of models in its sunglasses collection. Chanel believes in sobriety with light tones and degraded lenses. Moreover, the use of different materials and the combination of them gives us original and fresh touches this summer.

Chanel sunglasses that stand out this summer

We can find metallic models with mirrored lenses in different colours and shapes. Models like 4224 and 4226 stand out from the rest. In fact, they combine the colour of the frames with the colour of the mirrored lenses, giving the sensation of being a unique piece. Furthermore, we can find acetate frames with classic shapes with modern and attractive combinations of colours. In this line we can emphasize models like 5322, 5349, 5350, 5372 and 5373.

This summer the Italian brand also bets for combinations of acetate and metal, we can see it in models as 5352, 5353 and 5374B. These glasses maintain the classic shapes of Chanel adding in its temples metallic tones and bright details that make them modern and elegant.

Items 1 to 23 of 23 total

Items 1 to 23 of 23 total

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