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The Chanel Chain eyewear collection features glasses and sunglasses designs with chains as central decorative element. These chains, also present in Chanel handbags, remind us of the equestrian bridles, which Coco Chanel knew from first hand because she was very fond of horse riding and of horse racing. The chain is a recurring element in Chanel designs. This element was first introduced by the French brand as a flat-link metal chain of the so popular 2.55 handbag, one of the iconic handbags of the fashion 'maison'. In Chanel eyewear line, the chain element materialises as a genuine stem decoration, in both the eyewear and the sunglasses collections. Stems are adorned with this metal chain in silver, gold or ruthenium. Lambskin or calfskin leather is used for the leather cord that’s interlaced between the chains, although in other models, that chain is entirely made of metal. Part of the optical collection, we find models such as 3319, 3264Q and 3320 with different versions of this characteristic chain. In the sunglasses collection, there are models like 5327Q, 5326 or 5305 which represent this Chain collection very well. And because we’re very concerned with visual health, with Chanel sunglasses, our eyes will always be protected thanks to UVA, UVB and UVC coatings that are incorporated to all their lenses from factory, blocking a 100% of damaging radiations. Visit Optical H and find out the best optical glasses and Chanel sunglasses selection.    

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