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Manufacturer CEBÉ

Cebé Eyewear

Cebé is specialized in the sport sunglasses’ design.  Their main aim is to satisfy some necessities and because of this, they adapt themselves to different sports such as cycling or snowboard.

Cebé sunglasses

Cebé sunglasses stand out because of different reasons. One of them is their functionality, due to the fact that they are adapted to each sport’s necessities. This fact make them the best choice for those who enjoy from these activities.

Their lenses count on polarized treatments, mirrored lenses and even with some models that have the solar category number 4.

Polarized treatment is a great advantage for those who practised aquatic sports or cycling, among others. Sometimes, sunlight could be really annoying and can complicate our vision. The polarized treatment avoids these problems. Because of this, the brand has created its lens Cebé Zone Polarized, which make easier our vision decreasing the blinding.

Cebé is also known because of its photochromic lenses. With this kind of lenses we can achieve the darkness that we need according to the solar rays. These lenses are available in different categories (from 1 to 3 and from 2 to 4).

Its lenses are made of polycarbonate or glass. In the case of the polycarbonate lenses, they are characterize because they are lighter and more resistant. In the case of the glass lenses they have a bigger resistance to the scratches.

Besides, the French brand was founded in 1892 by Jean-Louis Crestin-Billet. They wanted to satisfy the athletes’ necessities, more specifically for those who practised mountain climbing. From this moment, the brand developed different technologies in order to adapt its products to different sport practices, especially for those which are carrying up in the snow.

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