Tous Glasses

Tous Glasses have become a tendency within the female public. They are specially known for having an up to date and simple style, but sophisticated at the same time. These glasses are intended to be used for both day to day and special occasions. Tous does not give up its essence and that is why they add small details that  remind us they are a jewelry specialized brand. Hence, in many frames you will find the iconic Tous bear as well as crystals, pearls and other jewels.

Tous glasses history

Tous is a Spanish brand specialized in jewelry, accessories and fashion. It was created in 1920 by Salvador Tous and his wife Teresa Ponsa, in the city of Manresa. At first, the brand was conceived as a watch factory, but it would end up being about female jewelry. Further on, as years went by,  they widened their horizons and started commercialising with bags, perfumes and glasses among other products.

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