Swarovski glasses

Swarovski glasses have become a model in the sector thanks to their innovation, creativity and precision. Their collections demonstrate the brand’s will to incorporate their main features in their glasses models including their crystals in an original way.

The brand counts with more than 120 years of experience. This has allowed them to acquire a careful artisan technique highlighted by their materials quality. This way Swarovski has combined their famous accuracy to cut their crystals and the art of optics to create an elegant glasses collection which breaks the moulds in luxury design.

Brand History

The brand was born in 1895 when Daniel Swarovski, inventor and visionary from Bohemia (place from which the crystals took the name) moved to Wattens to cut and polish crystals for jewels. The brand opened the first store in the year 1899 where it started to commercialize their costume jewellery and crystal figures.

Swarovski raised until it became the most important high precision crystal producer for fashion, jewellery, illumination, architecture and interior design. Their crystals have become an ingredient for international design.

Many are the celebrities who have worn some of their products such as Marilyn Monroe and her dress covered in crystals used during the President’s Birthday or Nirvana’s cocktail ring.

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