Serengeti Glasses

Serengeti Glasses have positioned themselves as one the best brands in the sector thanks to its technology. Their lenses adapt to different light conditions, allowing a great comfort at all times.

Serengeti glasses are made with first quality materials like titanium, stainless steel, acetate or injected nylon. This type of fabrication guarantees a resistant and sophisticated product. Also,  Serengeti models have an ergonomic design that adjusts to the shape of the face.  Another feature is its silicone pads that make them adjust better. On the other hand, it’s adjustable rods absorb humidity, stopping the frame from moving.

The company has a collection with a variety of models and specializes in sport glasses, driving glasses and sunglasses with classic design ideal for everyday wear.

Serengeti glasses users are satisfied because of their adaptability to different lighting. On day with poor light conditions, the lens will be lighter and on brighter days the lens will go darker.

History of the brand

The brand was born in Florida in 1982. It quickly positioned in the market of polarized sunglasses of the best quality. Serengeti was pioneer in eye care with the creation of Drivers lenses.

Furthermore, the manufacturer combined the characteristics of their lenses with new innovations: Photochromic technology, anti-blue light lenses, among others.

Serengeti is a brand chosen by many celebrities as Val Kilmer, Peta Wilson, Patrick Dempsey, Alain Prost or James Denton. The company combines all qualities that you are looking for in sunglasses: High performance, protection and style.

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