Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Paul Smith glasses

Paul Smith glasses are one of the most famous in the industry. This brand creates classic designs with a lot of colour. Nevertheless, the brand tries to include new tendencies in each collection without giving out its own style.

This brand produces with the best materials, being very resistant and long lasting. This glasses adapt very well to the face, providing great comfort. Further, Paul Smith knows that glasses are a fashion accessory, that is why it creates classic designs with colours that combine with clothing.

These glasses are handcrafted, using the best materials available. In fact, big part of this process is hand-made to take care of the smallest detail. Moveover, these details show the quality of Paul Smith glasses, that is why they are appreciated in the industry

History of Paul Smith glasses

Paul Smith is a male fashion designer, his contributions to british fashion served to get the title of Sir in 2000. Although Paul Smith created his own brand in 1987 in New York, from that moment he opened many shops around the world, including Londres, Dubai and Los Angeles.

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