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Levi's Glasses

Levi's glasses are also part of the more urban fashion. In addition to its extensive catalog of jeans and clothing, the Levi's brand has a wide variety of accessories, where Levi's sunglasses and sight glasses stand out. Levi's combines the elegance and modernity characteristics of the brand, to launch its new collections of glasses.

Levi's glasses are made of high quality materials, resistant and have lenses that include the best sun protection. Simple, modern and comfortable glasses, which bring a touch of glamor. If we look for quality Levi's glasses are a safe bet.

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History of Levi's glasses

Levi Strauss & Co is an American apparel company, known worldwide for the Levi's brand of jeans. The brand was founded in San Francisco, California (United States) in 1853 by Levi Strauss. He was an immigrant of Jewish origin from Buttenheim, in the region of Franconia, of the state of Bavaria, to the south of Germany. Levi Strauss was a pioneer in his field when inventing the jeans. After this creation has come a long history of success for the company.