iGreen glasses

iGreen glasses  Hi Tech Frames count on the latest designs in the optical sector. They are unique glasses that stand out for their light weight, design and vivid colours.

The polymers from which they are made give them flexibility, light weight and an extraordinary resistance.The weight is approximately 5 grams, therefore you can wear them for hours.

The brand of course counts on an extensive catalogue where you will find the shape and color that adapts the best to your taste. Round, rectangular and square shapes are some of the options the brand offers.

iGreen glasses and adaptable designs

iGreen glasses count on the possibility to change the temples from one pair to another very easily. If you wish, you can order different pairs of temples to change up the look of your glasses.

Also, these glasses are available in sizes for adults and children. In the children's case, these glasses are really good specially because of their flexibility. With no doubt, iGreen fabricates glasses with the maximum quality turning them into a secure investment.

iGreen Plus Glasses.

iGreen Plus is the brand's model that makes it possible to turn a pair of prescription glasses into sunglasses. These glasses come with a magnetic clip that makes it easy to apply. iGreen Plus are sold as the frame with clip and Smoke Polarized lenses.

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