Bunoviata glasses

Bunoviata glasses stand out for their colorful designs. These models are designed to become the perfect complement to any look, and thus give them a special nuance.

Bunoviata brand history

Bunoviata was created by Shounang Chen, who was brought up in a jeweler family. This fact influenced him throughout his professional career as he learned to design and to give importance to the smallest details to make a product stand out through them. In 1992, Whenzou Zhicheng House is established, which manufactures Bunoviata glasses.

Bunoviata prescription glasses

Bunoviata prescription glasses are an example of originality. All their frames meet a number of essential requirements. The first one is the quality of the materials with which their designs are made. The fashion house uses top quality acetate in order to achieve perfect finishes and greater durability.

Their designs stand out thanks to the combination of their colors. The brand makes use of different patterns and unique color combinations. The use of lines is also characteristic of the brand as Bunoviata creates details in their frames using them.

Their shapes are, for the most part, square. With this, the brand seeks to adapt to a wider audience range. They adapt very well to different types of face and features so it is not difficult to find a model that suits us.

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