Bob Sdrunk

Bob Sdrunk

Bob Sdrunk glasses

The Bob Sdrunk brand of glasses was born in 1998 in Hannover, where it was born from the fusion of the Mediterranean and British cultures due to its paternal origins. The firm produces high quality glasses models, with classic lines but at the same time offering a retro and vintage twist.

Bob Sdrunk glasses are handcrafted using the best materials. The attraction for the classic style served him to make unique glasses. The designs of Bob Sdrunk glasses are current, with a retro touch. Its collections are characterized by their soft, simple and pleasant shapes, which are expressed through color.

Attractive and resistant Bob Sdrunk glasses

Bob Sdrunk glasses are made with high quality acetates and their colors are always carefully chosen. Bob Sdrunk's glasses stand out in each of their models, the reflections, patterns and the variety of tones.

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