Arnette glasses

Arnette glasses have positioned itself as one of the best products within their sector. The brand creates all their frames with first quality materials such as Acetate, offering great shock resistance.

Since its beginnings, the brand has been known for creating models that stand out for their light weight, evolving shapes and extreme design.

Arnette products are ideal to practice water sports or driving activities, since most of its models have polarized filters. These blick reflective light, avoid blurs and offer comfort and a better vision.

Arnette History

Arnette brands name comes after the famous surfer Grer Arnet who designed the first frames in 1992. Arnet developed his first products in the garage of his home in California. The brand's logo was his son's idea, who was the first Marketing Manager for the company.

In a short period of time, the company became one of the favorites for athletes, due to the fact that they value the comfort and design Arnette offers above all.

In 1999, Luxottica acquired Arnette offering  the brand a more international aspect. From here, they become  sponsors for junior Surf competitions highlighting Arnette Catfish y Slide models.

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