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Dior Promesse sunglasses have a very strong cat-eye shape and a metallic stripe that cuts the frame. This is another design by Dior that enhances feminine curvy shapes. Lenses expand outside the frame. As part of Dior Promesse collection, three models particularly stand out: Dior Promesse 1 3HH 55 16Dior Promesse 2 3IE 56 16 and Dior Promesse 3 3IE 56 16. First, Dior Promesse 1 3HH 55 16 features a very modern and feminine cat-eye frame, with a very remarkable colour combination of frame and lenses, which offer 100% protection against UV rays and they’re available in different gradient shades. Second, with Dior Promesse 2 3IE 56 16 model, the brand has meant to promote rectangular shapes, perfect for wide faces. It’s suitable for prescription lenses. Finally, Dior Promesse 3 3IE 56 16 model is smaller, so it’s ideal for smaller faces or wearers that prefer to stick to traditional shapes. This model, just like Dior Promesse 2, is suitable for prescription lenses. All models from this collection feature temples that are available in a wide range of colours, and the same goes for fronts, making up a quite colourful and fun team. Enjoy your Dior Promesse sunglasses at Optical H.

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Items 1 to 2 of 2 total

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