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Dior Chromatic collection introduces vintage sunglasses for woman which have a drilled designed in the corner of the frame. The frame is made of Opty, an ultralight material that perfectly adapts to everyone’s features. Organic lenses have been fit into this frame, making it suitable for prescription eyewear. Dior Chromatic glasses are a feminine and elegant models. Dior Chromatic model 1 rewrite the classic cat-eye style but preserving the feminine shape and some modern touches were added as well.  A see-through frame is combined with cheerful-colours stems and with prism-like touches that pierce the front through the corners. Dior Chromatic model 2 has an oval design and it has been fabricated with great details as Dior Chromatic model 1. A great variety of colours are also available for this model 2. This collection offers high-end sunglasses, manufactured with high-quality materials and stylish glasses. Buy now your Dior Chromatic 1 6MA 56 16 or Dior Chromatic 2 6LY 54 in our webpage. 

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