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Christian Dior fashion house keeps dellighting us with new versions of the iconic design Dior Envol (French word for “flight”): Envol 1, Envol 2 and Envol 3. This design is characterized by its feminine cat eye frame and modern, elegant and original style, with fluid curvaceous temples. Dior Envol sunglasses play with colour combinations and frame shapes, especially in their temple designs. This model’s frame is made of acetate and metal, as we can see in Dior Envol 1 LZIBN, whereas temples have been made of different colour acetate, just like in the rest of models from this collection, such as Dior Envol 2 LVG and Dior Envol 3 LVB, although these two last models, frame has also been made from acetate. With a frame that is made of the purest acetate, these Dior sunglasses define the feminine aura with a bold silhouette. And of course, because it couldn’t be other way, Dior Envol lenses guarantee a 100% protection against UV radiation, and they include gradient coatings, available in different shades, providing these models with great elegance. And for those wearers who want extra protection for diverse light conditions, Dior has also created a special model whose lenses feature a uniform coating that covers the entire lens surface and which is available in brown, grey or green shades.

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