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It’s a well-known tradition in Chanel eyeglasses collections to pay homage to the iconic codes from the French fashion house. One of these iconic codes is present in Chanel Charms collection. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel decorated her life with her favourite gems and talismans in order to get inspiration from them. As she even said, “Luck is a way of being. Luck is my soul.”  The four-leaf clover, the number 5, comets, bows and wheat all play a role in the brand’s creations, from haute couture collections to fragrances and even the décor of Gabrielle’s Parisian home. Under Karl Lagerfeld’s creative direction, the brand upholds the tradition set forth by Coco, preserving the iconic and traditional style that made the brand so renowned but reinventing and incorporating these emblematic themes to create a highly desired collection for a growing modern audience. The Charms eyeglasses collection features designs that include Coco Chanel’s careful selection of her most prized charms, which are in the end discreet messages and personal signs. 

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The romantic bow or a slightly larger ribbon, both usually made from calfskin, you’ll love every piece of this eyewear collection. It includes both a sunglasses and an optical series, with genuine Chanel designs adorned with the very iconic symbols that meant so much to the woman who created the brand. As part of the sunglasses collection, models 5281Q, 5205 or 5280Q feature that romantic bow decoration. Within the optical collection, model 3248 is the best example of Chanel larger ribbon. And because visual health is a matter of concern, with Chanel sunglasses, your eyes will be protected at all times with UVA, UVB and UVC filters on all lenses because they block 100% of harmful rays. Visit Optical H and find out the best Chanel optical glasses and Chanel sunglasses selection. 

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