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Chanel Camellia collection goes into the universe of designer Coco Chanel’s favourite symbols. The camellia is an Asian flower that represents longevity and purity and conveys extraordinary femininity, great simplicity and natural elegance. It became the designer’s favourite flower since the love of her life, Arthur Boy Capel, started to give it to her. After his tragic death, she started to include this flower in all her collections as tribute to his figure.

Características de Chanel camelias

In the brand’s eyewear collections, camellias, made from lambskin, are incorporated as decorative elements attached to every pair of glasses’ side pieces. The brand Chanel includes a Camellia collection both in their sunglasses line and in their optical line. As part of the sunglasses collection, we can find models such as 5317Q, 5318Q or 5316Q. And because we’re very concerned with visual health, with Chanel sunglasses, our eyes will always be protected thanks to UVA, UVB and UVC coatings that are incorporated to all their lenses from factory, blocking a 100% of damaging radiations. 

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