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List of products by brand OXIBIS

Oxibis is a French brand which design and manufacture creative frames. Creativity, passion for this work and expertise are the cornerstones of daily work and this company.Thanks to its outstanding colour expertise (matching colours, their effects, rendition and symbolism), Oxibis perfectly balances the design of its frames to produce contemporary, colourful glasses that are also easy to wear and adapted to the personality of the wearer. What we can expect from Oxibis are contemporary shapes, designed to show off the colours of the frames, colour combinations that are sometimes daring but always right. Their materials and surface are finished to create changing shades and chromatic effects. Therefore, outstanding expertise in colour choice: the latest trends are of course given their due, but above all expertise in the meaning and conventions connected with colours, allowing each wearer to choose the frame best suited to their personality and facial shape.

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