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List of products by brand JIMMY CHOO

Founded in London in 1996, the brand has set itself up as a symbol of social success and glamour epitome.

The brand Jimmy Choo finds its origins in Malayan shoe maker with the same name, a craftsman with a workshop in East End, London, who designed some products for Lady Di. In 1996 Tamara Mellon, Vogue UK editor, saw his potential and together with the show maker, they created Jimmy Choo label. After a while, Choo's niece, Sandra Choi, joined the company as creative director.

The brand is characterised by its noticeable sexy personailty, its made in Italy quality and by being one of celibrities' favourite brands for the red carpet. With Mr Choo's departure in 2001, and Mellon's leaving, Sandra Choi, with Simon Holloway's collaboration, became creative manager of one of the most popular and with faster and bigger impact in the recent history of  fashion industry-  more than 150 stores around the world in little more than a decade.

With her in charge of the company, the fashion house has expanded its business range to all kinds of accessories, including shoes for men, fragrances and eyewear.

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